A Better Birthday

I got a pop-up message saying Henry was doing so well in school that he could graduate early. I was proud of him, so I accepted. This turned out to have some unforeseen consequences.

First, Henry couldn’t attend prom if he wasn’t in high school. This was a real shame because after studying prom suits for teen boys, I picked out this amazing outfit for him.

sims 4 teen boy prom outfit

I was planning to have him ask Molly Prescott to the prom. She’s had a crush on him since his first day at high school, and they have excellent compatibility. Look how cute she is!

sims 4 molly prescott teen

Since he couldn’t attend prom, his birthday was coming up soon, and his last birthday was such a pitiful disaster, I decided to throw Henry a great birthday party on prom night. Henry is very social, and one downside to living alone is that his Social meter is often in the gutter. Let’s fix that for his birthday!

It was a full house! Henry had a great time.

sims 4 birthday party tiny home

Morgan and Charlotte brought over Henry’s twin brothers, Guy and Ust-Buzulukskaya. It’s nice to see they are growing up well without my intervention. I’m skeptical about Ust-Buzulukskaya’s leopard-print baby do-rag, and I feel like Guy should be wearing pants, but they’re toddlers, so whatever.

sims 4 twin toddler boys

Henry partied until he could party no more, and then he fell asleep in his bed while everyone else kept hanging out.

Having grown into a Young Adult, we now see the second unexpected consequence of Henry graduating high school early: Molly Prescott is still a teen girl.

It feels gross to have Henry text Molly. I’m definitely not okay with inviting her over to his house. We’re in a holding pattern waiting for Molly to grow into a Young Adult, and that feels gross, too. I check her tile in Henry’s social panel, see that she’s still a teenager, think, “Maybe she’ll be old enough tomorrow,” then make a face and mentally change the subject.

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