High School Stress

I was excited to play the core High School Years content when Henry grew into a teen. Little did I know it would end up nearly giving me a panic attack.

If you follow your Sim to high school, you arrive on the school grounds with a whole bunch of strangers. You have to introduce yourself to everyone, one by one. (Or not! Just ignore them! It’s OK, probably!)

sims 4 high school cafeteria

You get a few hours to socialize and tend to any needs before class starts. I decided to let Henry have cheeseburger sliders for breakfast. I am a very permissive parent.

Then, the questions started creeping in. Where would Henry sit in the lunch room? Who could he talk to? Who had he introduced himself to already? And now that you mention it, which classroom is he in? What class is he taking? Where is he going? What’s happening?

As the timer counted down until class time, I started to sweat. This was not the fun, free-spirited hijinks I was expecting. It was more like, well, actual high school.

sims 4 high school class

I was grateful to discover Henry knew his schedule and went to the correct class autonomously.

Lunchtime came, but Henry took a nap on the couch in the hallway instead of eating or making friends.

sims 4 high school years

Then, it was time to be judged at the end of the day. JUDGED AT THE END OF THE DAY. I didn’t know that was a thing!

sims 4 school day report

Let’s talk about the word “Inattentive.” As someone who was diagnosed with ADHD late in life (two years ago, at 49), I have a visceral reaction to the word “inattentive,” especially in this context.

sims 4 high school years

Same, bro. Same.

At the end of his first week of high school, it was time for a prom. Apparently, in The Sims 4, they have a prom every Saturday night. I don’t know how accurate that is, but I do know that the awkwardness of Henry’s first prom felt very accurate indeed.

sims 4 high school years prom

He was exhausted, so Henry kicked off his first prom by taking a quick nap on a couch.

sims 4 high school years prom

He woke up hungry and grabbed a plate of roast chicken while ignoring his pretty friend, Molly Prescott, in her lovely blue prom dress.

sims 4 high school years prom

Henry sat down and ate his roast chicken while Molly stood nearby, futilely waiting for him to acknowledge her.

They started to crown the King and Queen of prom, but Henry lost interest, got super bored, and went home. So that’s the end of his first prom.

The next day, Henry was invited to a cheerleading competition at school. Why not, I thought. He should get out there and socialize more.

sims 4 blizzard

We have had blizzard conditions all winter; this day was no exception. It was, in a word, bleak.

sims 4 high school years prom

Henry took a few selfies with the backdrops provided.

sims 4 high school selfie

This is his “trying to pretend like I’m enjoying myself” face.

Okay honey, now stand here awkwardly while I take your picture!

sims 4 high school years prom

In conclusion, I do not miss being a teenager AT ALL.

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