Welcome Back!

Well hello! Some friends and I recently started talking about The Sims 3 versus The Sims 4, and before you know it, I was reinstalling Sims 3 and at it again. (I prefer it over Sims 4, for a variety of reasons I won’t bore you with right now.)

Meet Kira Spline, an aspiring street artist and Future Crazy Cat Lady.

I spent all but about $250 of her money on a furnished house. She has no money, no job prospects, and no skills, but she desperately wants cats. Also she painted some street art on the floor of the local museum. (Ironic!)

Her money is ruing out, and she has zero cooking skill. Dinner that night was ice cream in her depressing kitchen.

Kira lucked out the next day. The neighborhood held a hot dog eating contest. Yay, free food!

That afternoon she adopted a kitten named Alabaster from a neighbor.

Alabaster has the Noisy and Rowdy traits, but he also dreams about butterflies, so that helps make up for it.

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