Going Downhill

Kira’s bank account is hovering between $125 and $150. I realize now that I made a mistake having her work on Painting. Author would have been a much better choice, because books earn residuals.

The problem is that I can’t afford to buy her a computer to work on writing, so we’re kinda stuck. Kira earns just enough every day from the painting she creates to cover the bills and feed the cats, and no more. She can’t even afford to eat anything other than the few free Quick Meals all day every day.

I had her adopt four more cats, so the household is now full. The cats are named Diddy, Roxy, Olive, and French Fry. (All the default names that the game gave them.)

The irony of Kira’s situation is that she’s so busy grinding out paintings that she doesn’t have time to socialize with her cats, so they all hate her.

It’s fascinating to watch the cats all form their own relationships and socialize with each other in the background as Kira struggles to keep the house together.

The shoddy furniture that came with the house is looking worse each day.

Who knew being a solitary crazy cat lady could be so depressing?!

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