I sold half of Kira’s furniture and a few of her windows to buy the cheapest computer so that she could start writing.

The house is looking pretty grim now. Her bank balance hovers between $15 and $40.

Then – because it never rains but it pours – one of the cats brought in fleas. Next thing you know, all five of them AND Kira have fleas.

The worst part is, only one of the cats (Olive) likes Kira enough to let her bathe her. And not long after she finishes the flea bath, Olive gets reinfected from the other cats.

Kira seems to have given up on life. I can’t get her to take out the trash, she just throws it on the floor and wanders off to try and pet one of her cats.

In other news, little Diddy is becoming quite the hunter. Today he caught a leaf. We are all very proud.

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