Wedding Venue

Marla proposed marriage to Irfan Bradshaw. (In her furry criminal work outfit.)

Amazingly – considering what a jackass he has been – he accepted. And afterward, they successfully celebrated!

I heard a lullaby!

Marla did a side job at work to earn a bit of extra cash. Enough to afford two more walls, thus fully enclosing the first wing of the new house.

Not enough for siding, wallpaper, or flooring – just enough for the walls. Too bad, because when the wedding guests showed up, they all clustered in the big empty house.

Where they proceeded to complain about how unfinished and dark it was. It took some doing to lure everyone outside, but I finally positioned everyone such that Irfan and Marla could have their ceremony in the sunshine.

After the ceremony, once Irfan had been added to the family, I learned that he is 102. (And still able to father children!) I have to admit, I was relieved. At least he won’t be around long!

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