Hate This Guy

Marla is head-over-heels for Irfan, and has been ever since she met him. I would say she’s in wuv with him.

Look at her sappy expression when he hugs her. I’d maybe even say she was in wuuuuuuuv. Which is really too bad, because I can’t stand him. He has the “Mean Spirited” trait, which leads him to constantly and randomly berates her.

And when she asks him to Woo Hoo?

How can you wuv someone who looks so revolted when you ask them to sleep with you? It beggars the imagination. And yet, it is true. All of her wishes are Irfan-related. He constantly appears in the thought bubble above her head. It’s revolting, honestly.

In happier news, Marla was promoted to Criminal career level 7. And I have to agree with Melsa, she looks a lot better in her Criminal outfit than Kerri ever did, the poor doughy thing.

Not really sure what’s up with the “bear ears” hat, though. Maybe Marla is working for a furry crime syndicate.

Furry or not, she’s earned enough money to start buying walls! Only two so far, but it’s progress.

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