Laying a Foundation

Thanks in large part to Marla’s dedication to fitness – a quality which is needed on the Criminal career track…

Marla made it to the part of the career track that branches. Since she has the Evil trait, and she had a wish to “follow Evil branch of Criminal career,” I sent her… on the Evil branch of the Criminal career. This promotion came with a bonus and a big raise. After a few days of work, Marla had enough money to lay the foundation of her new home.

As you can see, there was even enough left over to create a separate bathroom!

It’s a little dim in there, but it means that now she can invite people over to visit. I noticed that Irfan Bradshaw, her early crush, was now listed as “Single” on her relationship panel, so I had her give him a ring.

When he rang the doorbell, her interaction options were “Greet,” “Cuddle on Bed,” “Try For Baby,” and “Woo Hoo.” Whoa there, girl!

I had her invite him onto the bed for a cuddle. Will you look at the smirk on his face! They cuddled and made out, but he refused her offer of Woo Hoo.

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