Wedding Bells

The wedding party started inauspiciously. Geraint set the back porch on fire while cooking hot dogs for the guests.

Then there was a weird thing where most of the invited guests (including the bride!) failed to show up on time. The wedding party was scheduled to start at 6PM. By 9PM, only two guests had arrived. They stood around the kitchen chatting, as is the way of party guests.

Finally I re-invited Virginia over, and this seemed to “un-stick” the missing guests. Everyone piled into the house, where Geraint and Virginia exchanged rings.

No one died and no babies were born at this party. Maybe that’s why it was rated so poorly? The guests gave it such a bad grade that Geraint got a “Threw A Lame Party” moodlet.

The next day, I sent them off to Old Pier Beach for the day. It’s the closest thing to a honeymoon you can get at this point.

“This moment is beautiful, but I REALLY have to pee.” (We’ve all been there!)

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