Despite her manifest craziness, Geraint was still rolling wishes to be with Allison Salgado. I finally gave in and invited her over, having COMPLETELY forgotten (honest) that his girlfriend Virginia Casper would be coming over that morning in her official capacity as maid.


Later that night he ran into his high school friend, Cheryl John. Cheryl is married now, but that didn’t stop them from sharing an awkward kiss at the municipal swimming pool.

He invited Cheryl home and asked her to spend the night. The next morning, Virginia showed up to clean again!

Okay now this time was also an accident, I swear! The day before I had used “dismiss” to send her off the property. I thought that meant that she would be permanently dismissed from the position, and someone else would be showing up to clean house. I guess I had that one wrong.

Cheryl John wasn’t pleased, either.

Well after all that I was feeling pretty bad for poor Virginia Casper. I had Geraint invite her over the next day and start making amends.

It took the better part of a Sim afternoon to shift her social meter from red to green, but she did finally forgive Geraint his trespasses.

By the way, Kerri hit level 9 on the Criminal career track. Now she dresses like a ninja! An old lady ninja.

The next morning Geraint had the “Stir Crazy” moodlet. I sent him out to tour the science center with Virginia. When they had finished the tour, he popped the question right there on the sidewalk.

This time, she accepted.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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