Ladies’ Man

Now that Kerri has become an elder, her odds of making it to the top of the Criminal career track are greatly diminished. But hey, she made it to level 8, I should be happy, right? The real problem is that I HAVE NO MYSTERIOUS MR. GNOMES.

Despite being a kleptomaniac, Kerri has kind of sucked at being a Criminal. So far she has returned home with only one stolen item, an ugly pair of vertical blinds. Sheesh! I have started sending her out every day to collect gems and minerals to be smelted and cut, in the hopes that this will bring me a gnome.

In the mean time, I decided that Geraint should start working on the next generation. He seems to have excellent luck finding ladies at the gym.

This is Noel Hart. They got along quite well. Then we learned that she was married. Sigh!

Next he ran into Allison Salgado, the woman he met at the pool last week. He was flirting with her without my influence, which is a first in my experience. I had him invite her home, and she agreed.

Hubba hubba! Unfortunately when Geraint asked her to go steady, she declined. Turns out she has Commitment Issues. Aw MAN. He had already asked her to sleep over.

She agreed to stay, but spent the entire night standing in the dining room having a vicious argument with… herself. So scary! Insane much?

I didn’t even write down the blonde’s name. She’s not single. Although she seems fascinated by Geraint’s story about… doing the Hustle, apparently. Moving on…

Did you know there’s a Magician in Sims 3? Neither did I. This is Carolina Rowland. She seemed to take a linking to Geraint. Right up until she walked away while he was in the middle of telling a funny story, and never came back.

I’m still not ruling her out entirely, though. That’s how bad things have gotten.

The next day I looked up from the sock I was knitting and saw that he had independently engaged the maid, Virginia Casper, in conversation.

I had him try a few romantic options. They were well-received. (Maybe it’s the uniform.)

She agreed to spend the night and go steady, but when he popped the question…

…She politely declined. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!

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