Here’s a shot of the distant grassy hills where I dreamed you could shepherd Sim Sheep.

I could tell that birthdays were coming up, so I tried to set up a proper family dinner. It failed. Only Kerri actually ate, and two of the kids sat at the table and did their homework, along with a third kid someone had brought home from school.

Geraint was the first one to turn into a young adult.

The other four kids grew up in quick succession. We had back-to-back birthday parties for a few days.

Look at this face Kerri pulled! I wonder if she’s excited that soon she will have the house to herself again.

I moved out the four younger kids. With only Kerri, Haah, and Geraint in the house, it seemed so empty! When you have five kids in the house, someone is always complaining about something. I didn’t realize how I had grown used to the constant litany of “Waka choo choo!” and “Oderno wee wee!” until it was silenced.

Geraint went out on the town to look for a new lady friend. He played chess with one woman.

He chatted with another woman at the pool, before heading in for a dip.

Then he had to head home, because his mom Hannah died.

Leaving only Geraint and Kerri knocking around that big empty house.

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