Ghost Banishment

After the wedding, Geraint and Virginia wasted no time in getting down to bidness.

By the way, if you are ever tempted to repair a broken stereo by sticking your arm into it? I recommend not doing this.

Kerri will be missed. But hey, she was old, so whatever.

I finally got tired of the ghosts piling up and making a nuisance of themselves all night, and moved all their tombstones to the cemetery. I felt a little sad about that, but seriously, things were getting out of hand.

Speaking of things that are out of hand!

Twins! I again named them by poking a finger into the phone book at random. (I’m not sure what possessed me to keep the last phone book I received – usually I toss them right into the recycling – but it sure has come in handy!)

Meet Priscilla (Genius, Neurotic) and Marla (Genius, Absent-Minded).

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