Twin Birthdays

I moved the twins’ cribs into the living room. This makes it handy to watch the babies while playing SSX 3 in your underwear. (Isn’t that every stay-at-home parent’s goal?)

Virginia has both Flirty and Charismatic traits, which means that she jumps on any chance for a conversation. She also is Tidy, which means that she keeps the house spotless without any intervention on my part.

It also means that when the maid shows up, she talks to him for like half an hour about spaghetti, then he says “It looks like my job is done,” charges the household §125, and leaves.


I canceled maid service after THAT incident.

The twins had a birthday party. It was one of THOSE kinds of parties, the kind where the baby cries the whole time.

The problem is that Virginia set Priscilla on the ground so that she could grow up. Priscilla was then surrounded by adult Sims who came to watch the birthday. End result: Priscilla sits on the ground crying about her poopy diaper, and no one useful can reach her.

But hey, they rated it “bordering on epic,” so it couldn’t have been TOO bad an experience for the party-goers.

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