Virginia needs watching with the babies. She isn’t the best mother. For example, when they are hungry, she is good about autonomously picking them up and plunking them into the high chair. Unfortunately about half the time she wanders off before the crucial second step: giving them the bowl of food.

I did manage to coax her into teaching Priscilla to walk, though.

An odd thing happened today: someone just stopped by. I’ve never had a drop-in visitor before. Virginia was pretty happy to have an adult around to complain to.

Speaking of the household mess, I noticed today that Virginia – who Geraint met because she was the maid – became unemployed when she married him. I guess functional NPCs like maids and firefighters must lose their jobs when they become playable characters.

The first wish she had after getting married was to join the political career track. Can you imagine it? Former maid turned stateswoman – why, the campaign speeches practically write themselves!

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