Two Babies and a Block of Wax

There are some down sides to living off-grid in a shipping container home on the docks of an industrial area. I’m delighted by the weird lighting in the industrial area, although it makes screenshots a challenge. On the up side, their household bills were only $3!

sims 4 reading toddler to sleep
“And that’s the story of why it’s dark all the time now.”

I also snapped a pic of this neighborhood streaker stopping to check her phone.

Sims 4 streaker eco lifestyle

Now that little baby X Æ A-12 is born, it was time for Cooper to start building her candle-making empire. I clicked on the candle-making station and bought dye and wax, which instantly appeared in Cooper’s inventory.

Next Cooper needed to secure a supply of “bits and pieces.” You can get these by either recycling things or dumpster diving.

The choice was obvious.

sims 4 dumpster diving

Unfortunately, Cooper’s candle-making project was derailed by a baby crisis. Little toddler Elliott was very hungry, but we’re having some weird pathing problems in the shipping container home.

sims 4 can't feed toddler

No problem putting Elliott into the high chair, or taking him out. But no matter what I tried, Cooper wasn’t able to give him food while he was up there. I deleted the high chair, added another one, moved it over, and eventually gave up on feeding him indoors.

sims 4 industrial area

Elliott doesn’t look the most thrilled to be eating outdoors in the middle of the night in the former parking lot that is their back yard. But at least the sustenance kept him from getting taken away by Sim CPS.

This high chair debacle was so time-consuming that baby X Æ A-12’s needs went into the red. By the time I finally got Elliott fed, we were about to lose X Æ A-12 to the authorities.

I gave up and called a babysitter.

sims 4 babysitter

The next day I caught a lucky break when Darren stopped by for a visit.

Darren’s like 🙁 and Cooper’s like 🙂 probably because she just spotted a source of free child care.

Aww, their shirts even match today!

sims 4 industrial area

Funny how all my attempts to brighten up their parking lot back yard only make it look more forlorn.

sims 4 inflatable pool

At least Cooper was able to enjoy their inflatable kiddie pool a little bit before it was time to get back to work.

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