I’m usually strict about not using cheats with these legacy family stories. (I’m not against cheats, I just generally find it more fun to play without using them.)

But in this case, I couldn’t deal anymore. After 20 years of playing the Sims franchise, I finally hit my maximum difficulty setting:

  • Single mother
  • Two toddlers
  • Living off-grid
  • Weird glitches on lot prevent high chairs from working

When the high chairs didn’t work, I couldn’t feed the kids. Both toddlers were constantly on the brink of starvation. I had to resort to having Cooper:

  1. Fix a sandwich
  2. Put it in her inventory
  3. Drop the sandwich on the ground outside
  4. Tell a toddler to go eat it. (Charming!)
Sim cooking off-grid

Everyone’s Hygiene was max red because the tub would only work during the day, because they have solar power but no batteries yet, thus no hot water after dark or on cloudy days. This pushed their Fun into max red, and all the other problems kept them from sleeping, so usually they were hovering on the edge of passing out from exhaustion, too.

Dear reader, I had enough.

The final straw? Cooper set the play slide on fire trying to cook hot dogs on the trash barrel grill.

Fire on industrial lot Sims 4

I aged up Elliott first, since he’s the heir.

Sim toddler blowing out birthday candles

Then I aged up X Æ A-12. I was even able to use the same cake!

Sim toddler blowing out birthday candles

Time for a fashion montage! I googled “summer kid fashion boy” and got to work. Here’s Elliott’s hot weather outfits.

Sims 4 boy child hot weather fashion outfits

And his Everyday clothes.

Sims 4 boy child hot weather fashion outfits

It’s a little more fashionable than I might ordinarily choose for a child, but keep in mind, his mother used to be a vlogger and is still a #momlife #offgrid influencer on Simstagram.

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