Living That Industrial Off-Grid Semi-Hobo Life

I am loving the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack so far! Last night I watched my toddler playing on a slide in a polluted industrial wasteland. What’s not to love?

His expression is very this_is_fine_dog.gif.

The off-grid life is a little complicated. I don’t want to put solar panels on their house, because it increases your green footprint, and I’m all about that industrial a e s t h e t i c. So instead, they have to deal with kerosene lanterns at night.

And a wood stove for heat.

It’s the perfect place for an unattended toddler!

For the most part, it’s easiest to wait for daytime, when the sunlight comes in through the ample windows built in to their container home.

I was just about to have Cooper plant seeds in her nifty vertical planter when she went into labor.

Welcome to the world the newest Spline. I of course named our new little baby boy X Æ A-12. (If you’re wondering, it’s pronounced “X Æ A-12.”)

As soon as Cooper was no longer pregnant, I set her up with a bunch of new outfits for her new life. (Have you ever tried to style a pregnant Sim? I decided to wait.)

Eco Lifestyle comes with a ton of new clothing items, the vast majority of which are completely bonkers. I am, as the kids say, “here for it.”

Cold-weather outfits
Hot-weather outfits
Everyday outfits. The three in the middle are peak white girl. Perfect for her new off-grid #vanlife “selling quirky handmade candles on Etsy” lifestyle makeover.

I don’t know what to make of her neighbors. This guy showed up to chat in her kitchen for like three hours.

Is he a homeless guy or a trustafarian? There’s no way to tell! It’s like my college years all over again.

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