Moving to the Docks

Hello, friends! I haven’t played Sims 4 since before quarantine started. Funny how “when quarantine started” has become a touchstone timestamp in our lives. Less funny how it completely upended our existence.

When I last played, Darren had started flirting with his pretty blonde friend from college. Cooper, massively pregnant, caught Darren out and divorced him on the spot.

“Here’s the thing: No.”

Darren was pretty upset, as you might imagine, because you’re not a psychopath.

I’m starting to wonder about Cooper, though, because she was taken aback by Darren’s reaction.

Like so many social media influencers, she immediately snapped a pic and posted about it on her timeline.

She gained like 12 followers with that post, by the way. What is wrong with people? (lol)

Darren broke down and burst into tears.

Cooper was like, “Um, ew…”

And with that, she took little baby Elliott and moved out.

A big life change like this, you start to reassess your priorities. Cooper had been a successful vlogging social media influencer… this seemed like a good time to move into a repurposed shipping container house in Evergreen Harbor and live off the grid.

I was delighted to discover that the Eco Lifestyle pack includes a collection of “maker” items, including a candle-making workstation. Cooper is very clearly the sort of woman who would move to an industrial area, live off the grid, and start selling bespoke candles on Etsy. Everything about this is delightful!

I spent some time trying to figure out how Eco Living works. With an off-grid house, you can actually have electrical and plumbing items, you just have to generate the electricity and collect the rainwater yourself.

Coming up next: a hippie off-grid #vanlife makeover for Cooper!

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