To France!

Hey you two! Keep a lid on it!

In the garden, I had let almost everything other than the Money Trees languish. I decided that as long as we have some free gardening space, I should dedicate Aubergine to growing grapes and making nectar. So I sent her to France to harvest grapes for planting.

OH DID YOU NOTICE MY EIFFEL TOWER. The game teases you with the Eiffel Tower which, if you’ve ever noticed, isn’t actually in France. However you can find it by using “testingcheatsenabled true” and then “buydebug on.” Then it’s just a matter of finding a lot where you can plunk it down. Note: it’s very big.

In France, the paparazzi watch you sleep at night.

(I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me /Pa-pa, paparazzi.)

After she harvests everything for the day, I force her to make batch after batch of nectar.

I was hoping to recoup some of the travel costs, but no luck there. It cost §1,900 to travel to France, and §977 for the Nectar Maker. Aubergine made two batches of nectar, which she sold for §45 and §42. Let’s hope she has better luck at home.

Speaking of finances, the household is worth about §760,000. Hera got a Wish to “be worth §1,000,000.” If her wish is fulfilled, it’s worth a whopping 32,000 happiness points! She REALLY wants to be a millionaire.

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