Almost Rich

We finished out this session with about $167;885,000. So close!

It’s all in, with a final push to rake in that cash. All hands on deck! etc.

The Nectar Maker turned out not to be very good as a short-term investment. Even aside from the §977 it cost them (she got a discount for being famous), it doesn’t add much value above that of the raw fruit. And it takes all day to make a batch.

Just as an example, Aubergine took 10 bunches of Renoit grapes worth §40. They were turned into nectar bottles worth a total of §54.(The math is better in the long term. Aging bottles of nectar on racks greatly improves their value. But that doesn’t help the Splines, who want money NOW.)

I set #1 to upgrading it to produce better-tasting nectar anyway. Because why not.

Writing turns out not to be a very lucrative career, either. (Tell me something I don’t know!) Tyler1 has several books in print, but he’s still only earning about §1,000 per week in royalties. And what with all this working, no one can be bothered to pick up the dirty dishes in the front yard.

Here’s a better investment: I found an Omni Plant in the garden behind the Science Center! I sent Hera out there to feed it some high-value Piano books. As you can see, it’s time to harvest.

The Omni Plant will produce more of whatever you feed it. Hera is still trying to put together the final challenge in order to get an Omni Plant seed. She just needs to grow six more perfect steaks. Le sigh.

In the mean time, let’s harvest the books off that bad boy!

As long as he was there, I had him do a bit of fishing.

It’s probably safe to eat fish from the Science Center catchment pond, right?!

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