The Most Evilest Plan

Marla was at the top of her career track, a level 10 Criminal. What now? The game gave her an Opportunity titled “The Most Evilest Plan,” which involved the military base. When I hovered over the menu option, it was titled “Hold World Hostage.” (Oddly, you can only hold the world hostage between 7PM and midnight.)

I had her beef up her Athletic score before sending her into the fray.

It was many hours before she emerged.

Sadly, she did not succeed at holding the world hostage. However, she did well enough that her criminal friends gave her an extra §1,000.

Meanwhile at home, the Mysterious Mr. Gnome has not moved. He never moves. I have the worst Mysterious Mr. Gnome in the world.

Kay finished her science fiction novel (which I entitled “Sims In Space”).

After Marla got home, she spontaneously chose to “Mastermind Plot” with Kay. A sweet family moment!

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