Trying New Things

Kay has both “Hates the Outdoors” and “Couch Potato.” I don’t know why I bothered having her try fishing. Predictably, she hated it and wanted to go back inside.

Next, I tried building a greenhouse so she could try gardening. You used to be able to build greenhouses in Sims 2! But you have to fake it in Sims 3.

In the end, I wasn’t able to build anything that was A) “outdoorsy” enough that the game would let me plant seeds, and B) “indoorsy” enough that Kay didn’t hate it.

I finally decided to play to her strengths. I sent her to a writing class, then bought her a laptop and sent her to the library to write.

She’s working on a science fiction book I titled “Sims In Space,” and LOVING IT.

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