Tyler’s Second Impending Death

The game gave me a pop-up message that “Tyler Spline is going to die soon.” This puzzled me until I remembered that he was resurrected last October. I had Marla phone him and invite him over.

She was glowing evil red when he showed up how embarrassing. He was frightened, and refused to come inside until the glowing passed.

He headed right for the exercise equipment. What a jock!

And insisted on training Kay.

After Marla finished her own workout, they started flirting! GROSS. This game needs a better grasp on extended family trees. Tyler is Marla’s great-great-grandfather.

I broke up their little love-fest. Tyler went downstairs and slept on the couch.

The next morning, he and Marla played a game of chess.

And he and Kay had a long heart-to-heart about the police state.

The curfew police are so unfair, don’t you agree? I think Tyler agrees.

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