The Infamous Incident

A little while ago, Del suggested I move a copy of Ana back into the household. The idea quickly gained support in the comments! I wanted to wait until Tyler’s wife Bertha died, because that just seemed like the decent thing to do.

With Bertha gone, it was time. I switched to Edit Town and dropped a copy of the original Splines into the new household.

SO FREAKY! Now, my original plan had been to kick out the clone Tyler Spline, to avoid confusion. But I had to let the original/permaghost Tyler Spline greet him first. I couldn’t resist. I mean, come on! How often do you get to meet your clone?

And then I… well. All I can say is, don’t judge me.

Note: Hi, it’s me, with some follow-up from 2017. I published this post in 2011, and it has been an interesting topic of conversation ever since. I have a long-running unresolved debate with several friends about whether the Tylers’ make-out session constitutes incest or masturbation.

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