Catching Up

With the house freed up, I decided to spend some time working on their Lifetime Wishes. Aubergine has a music-related Lifetime Wish, so I sent her to the park to play her piano for tips.

Hera has a money-related Lifetime Wish. And I wasn’t paying attention to the tally, so she ticked over when Bertha brought home a paycheck one day.

Dear Sims 3 developers: Please make it so that the LTW animation pauses when I pause the game! YOU’RE KILLING US SIMS BLOGGERS. (Sorry, I’m feeling Melodramatic.)

Speaking of Bertha, she doesn’t have much time left. I decided that I couldn’t bring myself to move copies of Ana and Tyler in while Ghost Tyler is still married. But heck, as long as Bertha’s here, she might as well have a bit of stress relief.

And speaking of stress relief, Tyler’s famous enough that someone sent him a hot tub at random! They keep skinny dipping in it. Right out there in the front yard in front of everybody!

I don’t use cheats as a general rule, but I couldn’t resist this one. Because, come on! It’s a jackelope! How great is that!

(Do “testingcheatsenabled true” and then “buydebug on” and then go to Buy Mode, click to sort by item type, then click on the question mark category in the lower right-hand corner. All kinds ‘a cool stuff in there!)

When Aubergine isn’t playing her piano, she’s tending the garden in her underwear.

And guess who she ran into downtown!

It’s her formerly-deleted baby brother, Riley! (So weird.)

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