That Sweater!

Once Mort turned into a young adult, he was old enough to take care of his little brother. And so I decided to send Pearl out to the pool.

It’s a fitting end, don’t you think? Once she drowned, I tore down the entire Death Pool Complex in the back yard. I wanted the space and the money for, you know, fun stuff!

Like an awesome new sweater for Mort!

(Just kidding. I paid for that sweater with my own money. 75 cents. Totally worth it.)

I immediately sent Mort to work on the Paranormal career profession track. (Professions are just like careers except that… oh I’m not really sure, it’s kinda confusing.)

I thought the game had said something about putting a ghost-eating device in Mort’s inventory. Search though I did, I see nothing of the sort there. Nor in the family inventory. And of course I thoughtlessly clicked to delete that notice, so I can’t go back and re-read it. Damn, this expansion pack is complicated.

With much trepidation, I sent Mort out on his first professional adventure. I clicked on a map location and sent him to “Investigate Spirits.”

He stood on the doorstep all night until the sun came up and I sent him home. So… not really sure what the deal is with that, either.

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