I picked up the Ambitions expansion pack today. After spending another hour or so tinkering with the game to make it go, I finally got it up and running – and doing better than it had before. Could the latest patch have actually fixed stuff? That would be a first.

The first thing I had to try out was the tattoo chair. I had Pearl ask her ghost lover to give her a tattoo.

She wasn’t very happy with the result.

Something else that’s new with this expansion pack?

LAUNDRY!!! I have never been so enraptured by watching someone else do laundry. Except that I think the washing machine is already broken. When Mort first put in his load of clothes, the washing machine said “48 minutes left.” Hours and hours later it kept saying “0 minutes left,” but it was still running.

Not sure what was up with that.

“For my birthday, I wish… to get rid of all these damned ghosts!”

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