The biggest surprise – Marla spontaneously cleaned the stove! I was eating dinner when it happened. I dropped my fork on my plate, splattering sauce all over my desk, and lunged for the P button to pause the action. I caught it just in time!

I’ve also been busy building and re-building and sketching floor plans and re-building her new home. Not coincidentally, I believe I have amassed the world’s second largest collection of reference pictures (screenshots) of the Venture compound living quarters.

We were struck by an animation glitch. I often hear about this one on the Sims 3 blogs and boards. Instead of rolling over in bed, your Sim will stand up for a while.

And when she went swimming, she alternated between swimming and standing atop the water!

Luckily the resetSim cheat seems to have fixed it.

That night at work, Marla FINALLY swiped a Mysterious Mr. Gnome! I’ve wanted one for AGES!

And when she left work that night, she was promoted to Criminal level 9, Super Villain! Check out the awesome new outfit!

I miss the Furry Crime Syndicate hat. But those gloves are HOT.

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