Super Villain Makeover

I decided that Marla needed a better look, one more befitting a Super Villain.

(Super Villains wear a lot of eye makeup, I decided.)

Marla now gets chauffeured around town in her very own limo. No need to drive around in the stolen cop car!

Kay’s birthday was yet another party catastrophe. I don’t understand why guests are always getting trapped outside the front door.

I’m also miffed that I wasn’t allowed to choose her new trait. We taught her to talk AND walk, what more do they want from me? Anyway, the game assigned “Insane,” which is one of my least favorite traits.

You can tell she’s Insane because she’s voluntarily doing her homework! (Rimshot!)

Marla’s duties as a Super Villain have left Amy as a latchkey kid. I keep an eye on her while Marla’s gone. Make sure she eats a decent dinner, that sort of thing.

Kay gets lonely a lot. I’ve been supervising her trips to the park in the evening. One night she challenged her aunt Priscilla to a game of chess.

Unfortunately the match ended before a winner could be determined. It was Kay’s curfew, and we all know how vigorously the Sunset Valley police enforce that damned curfew!

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