Career Ladder

Marla’s pregnancy (and subsequent maternity leave) coincided nicely with her work schedule, so she ended up with about seven days off. Once the baby was born, I pushed her to run on her treadmill as much as possible to bring up her Athletic skill.

“It’s dark and empty in here! I don’t like it!”

“Then run faster so you can get a raise so you can afford carpeting and paint and torchiere lamps.”

Speaking of home decor, I’m a lot happier with the second draft of Marla’s Venture Brothers bathroom.

I also had her boost her work performance by inviting her boss over for some chit-chat. When Marla gave her boss an “Amusing Greeting,” this is what that translates as.

I have no idea what’s going on here. “Amusing Greeting” seems to be making fun of Paris Hilton? Well okay I can get on board with that, I guess.

While I kept slaving away over their Venture Brothers bathroom decor, Kay and Marla continue day-to-day life in their little FEMA trailer.

Eurgh, that oven makes me queasy to look at.

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