Sad Times

I decided to let Angela have her way. Except that she went to work (I started her on the Business career track) so I had to kill the day first.

Parker is going to need his own bedroom eventually. I decided to subdivide the bathroom.

Someone on the Ravelry Sims 3 group mentioned managing the graveyard. I had never really thought about the graveyard, except as a storage area for all those pesky headstones.

I started poking around the mausoleum, and ended up taking out all the Splines. I laid out their headstones in genealogical order, from Ana on the left/top (Tyler’s headstone is missing) to Rusty on the right/bottom.

Wow! That’s a lot of Splines. That’s 16 months of my life, right there.

ANYWAY. There was no more avoiding it. It was time to do the deed. I clicked to select Hera then chose Mean -> “Break Up With.”

Allow me to narrate.

“But why???” “It’s not you, it’s me! It’s hard to explain!”

“I’m heartbroken!” “We’re through!”

“I hate you!” “I hate you, too!”

“I’m hungry. I will eat a potato.”

“That was a good potato.”

Meanwhile, little Parker played with his toy horsie on the living room floor. Unaware of the upheaval which had just occurred.

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