Once Ana aged into an elder, she had a wish to retire from her job. I must have been feeling generous, because I let her. Now that she’s retired, she paints all day. Her latest effort is a little… yeah.

But hey, it was worth §417, so who’s complaining?

Without the pressure of having to raise and provide for a child, Tyler indulges in his fishing obsession. He had a wish to go fishing before 6AM, so I sent him out to the graveyard again.

Free from the shackles of school (and without a university to attend), Napoleon spends her days fishing as well.

Technically I should make her get a job, but she earned §327 for the fish she caught this day. Surely that counts as a job? (Along with a mess of fish, she caught boxes containing a Birthday Inferno Birthday Cake, and a Sonaflux Guitar. Go fishing, get cake! What’s not to like?)

But fishing is a lonely task. After a good day’s fishing, she likes to wander around town and meet people.

This is Salvatore Burger. He’s unemployed, too. Hey, they have something in common!

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