I was so excited today! I finally noticed a protest at City Hall in enough time to send a Sim there to participate. I sent Virginia, since she’s the most political of the bunch.

They’re protesting… computers.

I think this means they’re in favor of computers, since their signs don’t have a red-circle-with-a-line-through-it. That symbol appeared at this player’s Unicorn Riot.

Later that night, my plan was to invite Geraint’s aunt Amber over for further questioning. But upon trying to phone her, I learned that she had died. Thanks, game, for not letting me know! I sent him back out to the park AGAIN.

Tessa Ursine held still long enough for Geraint to finish his questioning. Yay! I sent him scampering home to write up his report.

Look how carefully he’s thinking about what to write next! Is this super disturbing, or what? The next time someone asks about your interests, remember that they could be running home to type out an official report on you.

Once he finished his report, I decided to try the other kind of “information gathering” you can do as a police officer.

I sent him to the house across the street and used the special “Rummage” action. Tell me that picture doesn’t give you the creeps! He came up with a ton of garbage, a plastic duck, a pillar candle, and enough information to write another report.

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