Party Time

I accidentally forgot that it was the twins’ birthday. They had to hop out of bed in the middle of the night to twirl their little noisemaker toys, grow up, then go right back to sleep. Lame!

Marla (the brunette) was born first, so she’s the heir.

That day after school I threw them an apology party. Not as festive as a birthday party, with cake and everything. But some of the guests brought pancakes, so that’s awesome, right?

Right out of the gate, some idiot picked up a guitar and started strumming. As usual, the guests were helpless to resist. Even though her guitar playing skills were really, really bad.

Four hours later the guests broke free of their guitar-induced hypnosis and ran home. And they rated it “Awesome verging on epic.” I can’t understand the game’s party-rating system for the life of me!

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