Geraint had two wishes: to play guitar in the park (again!) and to move up a level in his career. In order to improve his job performance he needed to first question someone, then write a report.

“Well hey,” I thought, “Should be pretty easy to kill two birds with one stone.” So I sent him out to the neighborhood park.

Except that it was 10PM, and there was no one around. Anywhere. What is it with these Sims going to bed early? They really roll up the sidewalks after dark in Sunset Valley.

Then I had a genius idea. Where can you find Sims in the middle of the night? To the graveyard, my good man!

Another bust. Where were all the ghosts? I have no idea. At least he got some reading in.

As the sun rose, I sent him back to the park in the middle of town. Success!

“Tell me, miss, why do you wear the same outfit as my grandmother?”

But this didn’t work for long. You have to keep questioning people until you have all the information, and this lady was getting mighty irritated with Geraint, and he with her.

I sent him off to chill out and play his wacky steampunk guitar for a little while.

Then – aha! His aunt Amber wandered past, and I pounced.

Funny thing is, even family members get ticked off when you keep questioning them. They communicate this via things like the not-so-subtle sneer.

He still doesn’t have enough information to write a report. But at least he’s getting there!

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