Planting Time

I was recently struck by the obvious conclusion that Hera, who has maxed out her Gardening skill, should focus on planting Money Trees. Wish I had thought of it sooner, because she’s getting old.

Will she survive to tend the trees properly? Or will they have to make do with her regular gardening profits? (Although considering today she sold §504 of limes and §386 of potatoes, that’s not too shabby.)

Plant faster, damn you!

Meanwhile, Parker went over to a friend’s house after school. When I looked in on him, he had cornered his friend’s mother in order to talk politics.

But guess who else was there! Windy! The woman who Hera inexplicably wants to flirt with!

“You should come visit my house!”

“Okay well it’s an underground bunker and not really a house in the literal sense of the word, but… one of my moms really wants to meet you!”

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