Laundry Meltdown

The next morning I had Parker invite Windy over before he left for school.

“I have to head out, but come on over and meet one of my moms!”

In order for this escapade to happen, I had to send Angela out. First I went to Edit Town and changed the Blue Flamingo laundromat to a “Hangout.” Because that way I figured other Sims would show up and they could all, you know… hang out.

Problem with this plan: changing the status to “Hangout” disabled the functionality of the laundry machines. Angela dumped the family’s laundry on the floor and refused to pick it up.

I don’t blame her! It’s so gross, it’s gathered flies!

She watched TV with some other old people, instead. Windy showed up just as Hera started getting really hungry.

Well TOO BAD, lady! Get in there and flirt! Eat pancakes later!

I had Hera start tossing out the Romantic interactions immediately. At first, Windy was skeptical.

Then she was downright horrified.

But who cares; it made Hera happy.

Eventually Windy left, and I let Angela come home from the non-functional laundromat.

Call the Nuclear Regulatory Agency, we’re having a Laundry Meltdown!

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