On to Conifer Station

I finally had enough with the bad lighting and off-grid life. Living off-grid is fine if you’re a single adult, but if you’re raising two kids, it’s just too hard to sustain. (Are we talking about real life or The Sims? sometimes it’s truly hard to tell.)

I packed up and moved the Splines to the Conifer Station neighborhood. This neighborhood has a neutral eco footprint – not too shiny, not too trashy. Seemed like a step up.

To celebrate the move, I spent many hours building them a Tiny Living home, which I uploaded to the Gallery if you’d like to use it in your own game. You can also find it by searching on the #splinesfamily hashtag.

This cute Craftsman-inspired bungalow is perfect for raising a family. Room for one double bed in the main bedroom, and two twin beds in the kids’ gable room. 100 tiles exactly, plus a nice outdoor patio area in the back yard. No cheats, no custom content, play-tested!

After the move, the family had a grand total of $280 to their name, and no clear source of income. It was time to get to work.

I sent Cooper to the community lot to rummage through a dumpster for “bits & pieces,” which is the materials you use to manufacture things with the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack.

She had to wait for this lady to finish rummaging through the dumpster first.

Sim rummaging through dumpster

Luckily, she left some bits & pieces behind for Cooper.

Sim rummaging through dumpster

Cooper also found a bed worth $200 and a dye worth $25. Score!

After reading this extremely helpful article on bits & pieces, I parked Cooper at the recycling machine and had her recycle almost everything out of the family inventory. You can even recycle spoiled food, which is great, because I always find rotten sandwiches cluttering up my Sims’ pockets. Gross.

Sim using the recycler

She got a ton of bits & pieces out of this, so I set Elliott to the candle-making station to make us some candles. That kid has a real knack for it! While he worked on that, I had Cooper start planting some flowers and produce.

Sim planting a daisy

Unfortunately, I forgot you can’t garden outdoors during the winter. Dumb mistake! I guess we won’t be fizzing juice or selling flower arrangements any time soon.

While searching the catalog for something else, I came across a yard sale table! The mechanics are a little tricky, but after you figure out how to stock it, tend it, and start a yard sale, you can sell all kinds of random stuff to passers-by.

Sim having a yard sale

Here’s Cooper selling some soybeans she had in her pockets. Check it out – she’s turned into that one Facebook friend you haven’t talked to in years, who’s constantly sending you invites to her “parties” which are just her trying to sell you the latest MLM she’s gotten sucked into!

Sim having a yard sale

And Elliott selling his handmade candles. C’mon, wouldn’t you buy a handmade candle from a kid that cute?

Speaking of cute, you might recall last week I bought Elliott a crafts station.

Sims 4 child's fall crafts

I didn’t realize the crafts they make at the crafts table end up in their inventory, and you can drag them out and display them! The one with the googly eyes is the best, if you ask me.

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