Time to Go?

The grim industrial dystopian aesthetic which I enjoyed so much at first, is starting to grind me down. The other day Cooper was in the upstairs shipping container reading a book when the sun broke through the smog. It reminded me what “sunshine” looks like!

I think it might be starting to wear on them, too. Cooper in particular is so exhausted all day long. She just can’t get a break. Raising two kids and maintaining a household without electricity is a LOT of work.

tired Sim standing by a clothesline

One day this week a neighbor stopped by to say hello…

two Sims chatting in Port Promise

Then they broke into a fistfight! Maybe it’s because they both had the same hairstyle?

two Sims fighting on the street

Elliott continues to make candles at the station I bought for Cooper. But I’m not mad… he can sell his candles for $25 each! $25!!!! I mean, damn. If I could sell a dip candle for $25 I’d quit my day job in real life.

Sim child at the art station

I bought him an art station with his candle money. He’s quite fond of it, and it’s something the kids can do inside when the weather is bad.

Sim child playing in garbage

Ah yes, what a beautiful day to be a child in Port Promise!

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