Knitting Time! \m/

I never knew how much I wanted knitting in The Sims until it happened. As soon as I installed the Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack I dropped everything else I was doing in the game. This game is now a knitting simulator.

Sim child knitting

(By the way, if you’re wondering why Metal is the radio station that comes with the Knitting stuff pack, here’s an explanation: Heavy metal knitting is a thing in Finland.)

You start by buying a knitting basket. The family only had $437, and the basket costs $55 or $75. You have to buy one knitting basket per knitter. They can’t share unless you want to keep dragging the basket in and out of their inventory, which I don’t.

You can also buy a rocking chair for them to knit in. The chairs cost $120 and $145. Obviously I needed one of those, too.

I ended up having to sell their porch bench and a bunch of stuff out of their family inventory to afford all the knitting stuff. Worth it!

I started by giving Elliott a knitting basket even though it was 10:45 p.m. on a school night. He loved it! And it increased his Motor skill, which was a very nice touch.

Sim child knitting

The next day I gave Cooper a knitting basket. My favorite part of the entire knitting Stuff Pack is the faces Sims make when they’re learning to knit.

After they knit something, they can give it to someone as a gift, wear it, or sell it on the Etsy-like marketplace called Plopsy. (No, wait… I change my mind, “Plopsy” is my favorite thing about this Stuff Pack.)

Sim wearing a hat he knit

And Cooper took up knitting just in time for a planned 12-hour neighborhood power outage.

Sim knitting in the dark

This Neighborhood Action Plan (NAP) kinda snuck up on me. I’ve been ignoring the NAPs because they give me that dismaying “This video game is assigning me homework” feeling.

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