New Hair

On the day Gus turned 106, I steered him into the bathroom and applied some guyliner. Because I think it’s awesome, that’s why.

It also happened to be the girls’ birthday. Which somehow I had overlooked. Sorry, girls!

Since Pearl was born first, she’s the heir. I gave her a cute flippy haircut which I bought at the Sims 3 store, because apparently my life has been reduced to the point where I spend real money buying hairstyles for imaginary computer people.

P.S. I myself have not gotten a haircut in ten months, and I could hardly be said to have a “hairstyle.” Unless “I try not to make it angry” is a hair style.

P.P.S. Then again, a brand new hairstyle for an imaginary computer person only costs a dollar. So there’s that.

Opal walks out of the house. No one notices. Man, that always makes me sad!

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