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<p>Gus spent most of his 108th day playing guitar. He loves that damned guitar. <div align=”center”><img src=”/images/2010/04/405-01.jpg”></div>

<p>Finally his bladder got the best of him. He put away his guitar and went to the bathroom, and lo, it was time to die.<div align=”center”><img src=”/images/2010/04/405-02.jpg”></div>

<p>”I’m dying, and also this toilet needs a scrubbing!

<p>”When Death showed up, I had Pearl ask him to pose. <div align=”center”><img src=”/images/2010/04/405-03.jpg”></div>

<p>Unfortunately she’s a Coward, so she fainted instead of taking his picture.<div align=”center”><img src=”/images/2010/04/405-04.jpg”></div>

<p>This REALLY ANNOYED ME. But whataryagonnado?

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