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Don’t Try This At Home

<p>Coincidentally on the day Gus turned 105, some household appliances broke. There’s always the risk of electrocution when you fix a household appliance. Oh goody!<div align=”center”><img src=”/images/2010/03/329-02.jpg”></div>

<p>Especially if you fix it by jamming a screwdriver into it. (Kids, don’t try this at home!)

<p>Meanwhile, Kay is working on her new novel.<div align=”center”><img src=”/images/2010/03/329-01.jpg”></div>

<p>This is a Romance novel which I titled <i>He’s Just Not That Sim To You.</i> I love thinking up titles for their books.<div align=”center”><img src=”/images/2010/03/329-03.jpg”></div>

<p>Upstairs, Opal <strike>berates</strike> trains Pearl on the treadmill.<div align=”center”><img src=”/images/2010/03/329-04.jpg”></div>

<p>After fixing the television, I set Gus to work on the trash compactor. Which he fixes by jamming a screwdriver into it. (Seriously, kids! This won’t work!)

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