Gus is 103 now, but that doesn’t excuse him from his toilet-plunging duties.

This blank stare is the look of a Sim who has just attained her Lifetime Wish. SO LAME!

Kay’s wish was to earn §4,000 in royalties from her writing. I knew that she would hit that goal as soon as she finished writing A Study in Plumbob I watched carefully as she wrote, and dropped into Speed 1 (the slowest speed) as she inched towards the finish line.

As soon as she finished the book, the game played a little fanfare. I hit the Pause button to savor the moment. Sadly, I didn’t realize that the “37,000 happiness points awarded” animation wouldn’t pause when I paused the game. I guess you really have to be quick on the draw to catch that damned thing!

But seriously, couldn’t she at least crack a smile?!

On the up side, having attained her Lifetime Wish left her free to pursue the various Opportunities the game keeps handing out.

This was an unusually odd Opportunity. The police station phoned her and asked her to bring over a plate of cheeseburgers. (???)

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