Moving On

The next morning, Hera made waffles for both of them. Wasn’t that nice? But then she peed on the floor. Angela does not look impressed.

(Also, if I were Angela, I would take a couple steps to the left.)

Angela wanted to do laundry. But she and Hera don’t have laundry machines. Off to the Blue Flamingo Clothing Spa!

Shout out to tinkknitz who created this most beautiful of laundromats. Get it here!

While Angela waited for her laundry to finish, she helped herself to a mixed drink at the bar.

And spent a very long time contemplating the art on the wall while thinking about her wedding.

Meanwhile, Hera wasn’t getting any younger. In fact, I checked her life bar and found that she was due to age up TOMORROW. Time for a baby!

“Hey, did someone call for a baby?” I named him Parker, after his… wait, let me check the official records…

Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, Parker Langerak.

Aww, what a cute family scene!

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