Honeymoon: Over

Before the wedding was even over, I sent Angela down to the fitness center so that I could re-plan her wardrobe.

I decided to leave her hair as is, but I gave her Serious Glasses, a black turtleneck, and black pants. Don’t know why; it just sorta spoke to me for her.

Back at home, she and Hera got into an argument. On their first night of married life! Maybe it was the stress of the ceremony.

Hera was exhausted, and went straight to bed. Angela stayed up for several more hours watching television.

Not the most stunningly romantic wedding night I’ve heard of, but… perhaps not entirely unrealistic.

Cash tally: §31,963. (Does anyone know an easy way to get the sum of a family’s total worth? Surely there must be a way to see that in testingcheatsenabled or something?)

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