Living Green

That night, Rusty and Carissa slept together. Here they’re spooning while Carissa dreams about music (which Rusty plays) and Rusty dreams about baths (which Carissa can’t take).

The next morning they lovie-dovied all over the kitchen.

And the living room.

It was getting a little nauseating, to tell you the truth! Finally I gave in, and clicked Rusty to have him propose marriage to Carissa.

Rusty got a whopping +1,250 happiness points for having proposed, Carissa said yes, and I invited everyone over for a wedding.

Mazel tov!

I built the happy couple a solar panel array as a wedding present. They get a percentage off their household bills for having the panels!

Speaking of which, there’s a script at Mod The Sims that gives your Sims a positive moodlet for driving the electric car. In case you’re as annoyed by the “Driving Alone” negative moodlet as I am! (Thanks to Twitter pal rachyrock for that one!)

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