Laundry and Childbirth

So it turns out that it wasn’t my fiddling with the lot type that kept Angela from being able to do the laundry. It’s just that the laundry machines had all broken. (It happens.)

I replaced them, and sent Bertha down there to do the family’s laundry.

While she waited for the wash to finish, she wandered over and started fixing herself a blended drink at the bar. Just as she finished mixing up a pitcher of margaritas, she went into labor.

I didn’t want the family’s laundry to be left in the machines, so I sent Hera over to finish the load while Bertha was busy with that Sim Lamaze thing they do.

It took so long, Hera decided to help herself to a margarita. (Why not? She just came back from the dead! I’d need a drink, too!)

Just before the baby was born, Bertha ran home in order to give birth in the garden.

Welcome baby boy Riley! (Who takes after his mother in the sense that he is not a ghost.)

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