Narrow Escape

In an odd bit of foreshadowing, Bertha had a wish to visit a graveyard. (I wish that was a real pregnant lady thing like “ice cream and pickles.”)

Not long after, Hera was out gardening when she suddenly came over all gold and sparkly. Put down the hoe, darling; it’s time to die.

But I had completely forgotten that Hera had a Death Flower in her inventory! The Grim Reaper took the flower, and spared her life.

As soon as she was restored to life, she had to pee real bad. Run, Hera, run!

Her first two wishes were, 1. Talk to Parker.

And 2. Go to the day spa.

I gave her the fanciest package – a full-day treatment. It cost §7,500 but I bet it was worth every penny!

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